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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

What in My Life Lasts Forever?

But the LORD shall endure for ever: He hath prepared His throne for judgment. Psalm 9:7

What in my life lasts forever? Kindle Fires, iPad's, texting, friending, etc. last for a little while, but they will be replaced with the next technology fad, but the LORD shall endure and will be there for us forever.

My debts, stress, and causes of concern may last for a little while, but the LORD who shall endure forever can take them away and replace this ache in our soul with contentment and peace that only He can give.

My craving for a particular food, crunchy or otherwise, may be calling my name, but the LORD who endures forever calls my name even louder and longer and does not give into human weaknesses the way that I often do. He is always there for me, regardless of what the trends are, anxieties are, or weaknesses are. But the LORD shall endure for ever: He hath prepared His throne for judgment. Psalm 9:7

Since this is an example of the positive influence God has made on my overeating, this may not reflect the whole meaning of the Bible verse.

Weight Loss Tips Video: Weight Loss Tips & Structures for Success-Holiday/Party Eating
by: Focused Feeding,, via You Tube

I have decided to include Weight Loss Tip Videos instead of the Healthy Tips I have been doing prior to this to provide a wide variety of tips for weight loss. See Disclaimer. I, personally, lost the weight through prayer and good nutrition, and do not promote any weight loss gimmicks. Debbie

Disclaimer: Please consult a physician and be prayerful before considering any of the tips presented in these Weight Loss Tips Videos or their ads. I am not responsible for the content of the videos or their ads. Debra Seiling

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