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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Skipping a Meal to Snack Isn't a Wise Move for Me!

And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call the name of the Lord shall be savedActs 2: 21

In the previous post, I told you about the Kettle Corn that I let get me off track. Well, I didn't tell you about the way I did it, which seems to be a pattern that often gets me. Any time I miss a meal or skip the main part of a meal to compensate for snacking on something like Kettle Corn, etc. seems to catch up with me and has a negative effect on my eating program.

I had figured that since I had found this low fat, low sugar brand of Kettle Corn, I would just eat it for my bread and eat light for lunch. That started the process, because Kettle Corn is not substantial to base a meal on. (This thinking leads back to my compulsive overeating days when food became a false god to me. It wasn't until Christ showed me through the way I was turning to food instead of turning to Him in times of stress, worry, joy, etc. that I let food have too much importance in my life.)

Next, I figured I would snack on it in the afternoon rather than the apple I usually have. That included eating the leftover Kettle Corn that the younger ones left behind. (They are smart. They eat what they want and they leave the rest, but when I get into that old eating mode, it was difficult for me to throw it away.)

With this snacking, I figured I would count it as my bread/carb group for my evening meal and eat light. That didn't work out well. I felt hungry and dissatisfied and kept snacking on other things to fill me up. Fortunately for me, Christ showed me through my actions, that I was treading on very slippery ground and needed to turn this old eating pattern back into His very capable hands! As this Bible verse says that whosoever shall call on the name of Lord shall be saved, including being saved from their vices!  And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call the name of the Lord shall be savedActs 2: 21

Since this is an example of the positive influence God has made on my overeating, this may not reflect the whole meaning of the Bible verses.

Weight Loss Tips Video: How to Get Back on Track/5 Healthy Diet Tips + Tricks
by: Becca Bristow via You Tube

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Bible Study: Relating the Bible to YOUR Life! Link
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