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Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Lifestyles of the Thin and Oblivious of Others...

1 John 4: 7 Beloved, let us love one another: for love is of God; and every one that loveth is born of God, and knoweth God.
It seems it was easier once the weight was lost, to get caught up in the lifestyles of the thin and oblivious of others. It's easier to be in a group of people who know me only at the size I am and to sit there silently as they laugh at others who are heavy. It's easier to sit there as they put others down, saying they just don't have any self-control. It's easier to look the other way, instead of drawing attention to myself, in fear of being ostracized from the thin group.

The thing is, to sit there silently feels like I am helping them laugh at me, the heavy me, that I once was, that carried my pain as a layer of fat on the outside. I don't think God wants me to do the easier thing and just blend in.

God healed my pain and had me come to terms with all my insecurities. If I sat there and did nothing, I was turning my back on all He had done for me. This realization showed me that I needed to try to be more of an example of what God wanted me to be. I can say that I don't like comments belittling others, the overweight or those with other perceived shortcomings. I can pray for those who are overweight to feel God's healing touch and have them develop a life long positive relationship with Him. I can make sure I have a welcoming smile when I cross the path of those who are overweight. No one wants to feel that others are glaring at them, because of their size. I know I didn't. It can be devastating, and we CAN make a change for others. We CAN be the person who goes and talks with the overweight person who enters the gathering that we are attending. We CAN make a change if we are open to the instincts that God gives us.

Since I have used this Bible passage as an example of how God has positively influenced my overeating, this does not necessarily reflect the whole meaning of the verse.

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